DingDangDoodle! A-Z April Blogging Challenge

The sign language letter "d" from the front...

...and the sign language "d" from the back.

Made up word of the day:


DingDangDoodleDefinition: Another way of saying, “Oh, heck.”

Eg: She fought morning traffic and finally got the puppy to the vet for shots and a nail trimming, and saw the door sign which said “cash only.” What else could she say besides, “DingDangDoodle” ?


2 thoughts on “DingDangDoodle! A-Z April Blogging Challenge

    • Thank you KarenG!

      Yes – this has me excited to eventually find some folks to sign with, as it has been years. I learned sign because a best friend needed an interpreter when we were in college. That was many moons ago. It’s a great language, because what we learn stays in the language part of our brain, but also in our kinetic (body) memory…

      All to say…thanks or stopping by!

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