Jesus on Telling the Truth

“Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”

~ Jesus (John 8:32)

family 007

my brother keeping the peace one kitchen at a time

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the difference between healthy and unhealthy secret keeping.

The horrific events of the past week in our nation should have us all taking a close look at what the difference is between “fake news” and “real news.”

These are dangerous and baffling times in my great nation.

I have decided to try and avoid reading or watching news all week long and hope for the best that on Sunday mornings before I go to church I will be able to stomach catching up a bit.

My favorite memory of my relationship with my brother’s daughter was when she was very little – maybe six or seven. She was and is quite a sweet thing. She had painted me a little wooden jewelry box with glow in the dark paint and was very proud. She and my mother and I are all very into boxes and containers to store and sometimes lock up our journals, or sketches, or artwork. So, at some point around the time that she gave me this gift we were hanging out in my parent’s front parlor room and she said very quietly:

“Can I tell ¬†you why I love you and Grandma the most?

You are the best at keeping all my secrets.”

I’ve never been a little boy, and though I’ve raised three and married one, I’m still not sure how secret telling works between guys.

I do know how it works most frequently between girls and women.

It’s different.

I’m very thankful that Aunt memory. It has been at the front of my mind during this past week.

That kind of trust which my dear niece seems to still have in me is, and will always be a precious and humbling gift.

I’ve been needing a lot of music to get me through a tough week. It’s going to be a challenging back to school couple of months.

The YouTube video that I’m most attached to at the moment is Hozier singing VanMorrison’s “Sweet Thing.” What a talented young lad.

Peace – especially with back to school excitement and worries that may be happening in other houses than mine.